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Don’t expect us to to add to the many superstructures that mar the landscape. On the contrary: interesting architecture that blends with the surroundings are top of our agenda. We produce smart yet functional design solutions. Like our stylish but maintenance-free materials  that provide a sense of depth or the incorporation of aesthetic visual elements that add interest to any large surfaces.

No hulking


but nature-blended


201104 NXTBLE 01.jpg


Uitstraling_Nunner Venlo_EINDRESULTAAT-D

A building delivered today must still be relevant decades later. So we make clear choices for today whilst anticipating future developments. Every logistics building we deliver is totally sustainable, with car charging posts, solar panel infrastructure and high insulation values as standard, so it becomes a life-time performing building. A well-conceived energy concept is also part of the design and we make maximum use of daylight on the work floor, for example.



We are driven to locate the best site, imposing no restrictions on ourselves. That means we not only look at available greenfields, we also invest in suitable brownfield locations. A circular approach, in which we manage the investment and redevelopment whilst you benefit from the location’s added value.

With brownfield, we focus on reusing and 

future-proofing former industrial sites through re-parcelling and circular use of land.

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One of our most important development standards in sustainability is a BREAAM-score of 3/5, which means 'very good'. We always search for the best possible and most suitable solutions for your business. We approach this as one of the basic conditions for future proof design, so we can provide an avarage lifespan of 50 years for your logistics property.


We develop

logistics property

with an average lifespan

of 50 years.

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